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Costs £20-£30 Average

very often pc repair jobs are due to software problems although it is slow and time consuming to repair software the machine does not usually require hardware or disassembly to complete the repair.

we ask customers when they first contact us to describe the problems they have, if the initial diagnosis seems that the repair is likely to run into more than a couple of hours on site then it will work out cheaper for them to bring the machine in to us if possible.

If the customer is willing to deliver and collect the machine to and from us after repair it allows the technicians to carry out more repairs in the workshop than would be done spending time away on site attending only one pc so reducing the charge to customers as we can work on 3-4 machines on a workshop bench at any one time but only one on site and can then pass this saving on to the customer but of course some jobs simply have to be done at the site

Tune Up Service

PC Tune Up

special setup for optimal performance even big brand name pc's and laptops don't come ready optimized you will be surprised at the performance and reliability increase there is between one right out of the box and one we have optimized



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The Free Call Out Service

some people require site visits perhaps because of sensitive data and legal requirements or disability,

other reasons can be simply that the customer is not confident of how to connect up the various cables etc that go with a pc we fully understand this and are here to help just let us know what you need.

we do not charge any call out fee but will charge for the technicians time spent on site, for example if called to a site and the problem is not repairable or it would not be economically viable to carry out a repair or even if the customer simply decides not to have the work done there will still be a charge to cover the technicians time.

If required we can collect / return and reinstall to site but this will incur a further charge depending on distance and times required